Versatile Building Envelope Solutions in Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces

Asset management solutions for commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

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We understand that as a responsible building owner or a manager, you will always be eager to know about the condition of your property and plan for the required upkeep.
Roofing, cladding, and waterproofing systems are among the most important elements of your building. However, these very elements also turn out to be expensive to maintain or replace.
Among a sea of information, products, and roofing contractors (both good and bad) available in the market, Landry White & Associates Consulting INC. is that one that can help you with property management effectively.

What Do We Do

From waterproofing to exterior wall cladding, roofing, and beyond, you can trust Landry White & Associates Consulting INC. Our comprehensive building envelope solutions cover every aspect of your structure, including design, evaluation, analysis, construction, integration, performance, and testing.

Our services are designed to exceed your project expectations.

Building Envelope Services


Let us help you get the very most out of your roofing systems.


We ensure that your cladding systems look their best and perform even better.


We will make sure that your foundations are waterproofed the very first time.